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There are only 88 days until Christmas!


Greetings and Welcome to the Delaware Christmas Tree Growers' Association (DCTGA) website. DCTGA is a group of people joined together for the purpose of improving the practices of growing and promoting the sale of Christmas trees and related products, and for educating DCTGA members and the general public regarding the benefits of growing Christmas trees.

As we celebrate the conclusion of the 2014 Christmas season, we pause to reflect on what we have achieved in the past, so that we may focus on our objectives for this new year of 2015. As one of the smallest agricultural organizations in Delaware, we are nevertheless one of the strongest groups, in terms of the personal relationships that exist among our members. These relationships have grown through time, and are a result of sharing our personal successes and failures and of supporting and encouraging one another in our mutual endeavors. If you are currently growing Christmas trees or would like to starting growing, please contact us for more information. Our contact information is listed under our farm names.

I have been a member of DCTGA for more than twenty-five years and have been the grateful recipient of many encouraging words and sage advice from other members along the way. It is in this spirit that I am pleased to announce that this year DCTGA will be led by Co-Presidents-Ms Peggy Hallowell and Ms Roseann Conlon. For the first time, we will have two ladies at the helm of DCTGA. Both Peggy and I have served DCTGA as Officers in the past, and we look forward to meeting the challenges which lie ahead. As we embrace theses new responsibilities, we would like to thank three past Presidents-Mr. Richard Schauer, Mr. James Landis and Mr. Paul Schreppler. These gentlemen mentored many Delaware growers and association officers during their years of service. Through their personal guidance and professional expertise, they have set the course for DCTGA's future development. We feel privileged to continue this tradition.

Over the next months, DCTGA growers will be preparing for the 2015 Christmas Season. We will be planting, fertilizing, spraying, pruning, shearing, mowing and preparing to welcome visitors to our farms.

We invite you and your family to come and visit our farms to enjoy the beauty and peace of our fields, and to select a fresh and beautiful Christmas tree, which will fill your home with its natural fragrance. We wish all of you and your families a very blessed Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas!
Roseann Conlon-Turning Pointe Farm
Peggy Hallowell-Don's Tree Farm